About IWRM-Net-SD

About IWRM-Net-SD

Integrated Water Resources Management Network- Sudan (IWRM-Net-SD) is a national network initiated by UNESCO Chair in Water Resources (UNESCO CWR) for the provision of a platform to share knowledge and exchange experiences among its members and beyond to support and promote implementation of IWRM in Sudan. The rational of establishing this network is that networking and coordination could contribute in addressing challenges facing the integrated water resources development in Sudan. Members of the network include a wide spectrum of institutes involved in the various disciplines of the water resources development. The objectives of IWRM-Net-SD are:

  • Involvement of stakeholders
  • Release of fragmented and duplication of efforts
  • Enhancement of capacity through research, exchange of experiences and lessons learned
  • Avail and access of data, information &knowledge – repository
  • Enhance dissemination of information and knowledge

The IWRM-Net-SD works with a multi-sectors stakeholder, at all levels – including, but not limited to: gender and various levels of decision making process, universities and research institutes, other related networks and working groups, private and community based institutions, governmental and non-governmental institutions.

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