About the Journal

About the Journal


Journal of Water and Environment (JWE) is the journal of UNESCO Chair in Water Resources (UNESCO-CWR), refereed journals and indexed, semi-annual rate of two numbers in the year. Journal language is arabic or english or both of them. Journal of Water and Environment (JWE) is a specialized scientific, technical and, research journal and it’s interested in applied research in the areas of water and Environment . The Journal publishes original scientific studies and outstanding research in the fields of water and environment, and approved by the arbitrators specialists.l

Editorial board

Editor in Chief

-Dr. Muna Mohammed Musnad


Deputy Editor in Chief

– Eng. Elgaily M. Ahmed Bashir


Editorial Secretariat

-MR. Mohamed Faisal Izeldin


-MR.Safe Zarrog Alhaj


Advisory Board

  • Dr. Eltayeb Hassan Onsah
  • Prof. Kamaleldin Elsidig basher
  • Prof. Hassan Mohamed Fadul
  • Prof. Abbas Abdalla Ibrahim
  • Prof.Isam Mohamed Abdelmajid
  • Dr.Ahmed khalid Eldaw
  • Dr.Mohamed mosa Siyam
  • Dr.Sami omer Hag Elkhidir