About the Journal

About the Journal


Journal of Water and Environment (JWE) is the journal of UNESCO Chair in Water Resources (UNESCO-CWR), refereed journals and indexed, semi-annual rate of two numbers in the year. Journal language is arabic or english or both of them. Journal of Water and Environment (JWE) is a specialized scientific, technical and, research journal and it’s interested in applied research in the areas of water and Environment . The Journal publishes original scientific studies and outstanding research in the fields of water and environment, and approved by the arbitrators specialists.l

Editorial Board

Prof. Siddig Eissa Ahmed

Dr. Ishraga S. Osman Sokrab

Prof. Abdin Mohamed Ali Salih

Prof. Eltayeb Hassan Onsah

Prof. Kamal Eldin Beshar

Prof. Isam Mohammed Abdel-Magid

Dr. Muna Musnad

Dr. Ahmed Musa Siyam

Dr. Ahmed Khalid Eldow

Dr. Elgaily Mohammed Ahmed

Mr. Mohamed Faisal Izzeldin

The Managing Editor

UNESCO Chair in Water Resource- Omdurman Islamic University

Atbara Street and Gamhoria Street intersection

P.O. box 1244

Phones: 249183781263