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Location Not Set March 22, 2020
World Water Day 2020
https://goo.gl/maps/iKFWSjPxQtp624nc8 December 2, 2019
2nd IWRM Conference Towrds Sudan SDG 6
Location Not Set November 25, 2019
ورشة العمل المصاحبة للمؤتمر الثاني للإدارة المتكاملة للموارد المائية

 الشبكة المتكاملة للموارد المائية -كرسي اليونسكو للمياه – جامعة أمدرمان الإسلامية ومبادرة المياه محور التنمية المستدامة – تجمع الجيولوجيين السودانيين           C.T.C    برعاية:  مجموعة ينظمون…

Global Conference Center University of Medical Science and Technology October 21, 2018
National Workshop on Overcoming Water Related Data Barriers Towards Sustainable Development
Location Not Set March 22, 2018
Nature for Water: World Water Day 2018

World Water Day 2018 ’Nature for Water’ will show the potential of nature-based solutions for water and how they can be considered for water management policy and practice.

Location Not Set Date Not Set
First Key Stakeholders Meeting for (IWRM-Net-SD)

UNESCO Chair in Water Resources will hold first key stakeholders meeting for Integrate Water Resources Management Network-Sudan (IWRM-Net-SD), on Wednesday 26th April 2017 at Dr. Mahmoud Shareef Hall in Sudanese…