In performing its consultancy activities, Kima has availed and equipped itself with a wide range of supporting facilities. These comprise:-
Remote Sensing & GIS Laboratory
Water Quality Laboratory;
Survey Equipment;
Groundwater Exploration Equipment;


In the following some details are given about these facilities:

1 Remote Sensing & GIS Laboratory

This unit was established in 2005. It provides hard and digital copies of satellite imageries and thematic maps. Topographic and land use maps are also produced at different scales.

This laboratory will enable Kima to acquire data bank, digital satellite imageries and high thematic maps. Moreover the laboratory built a GIS geo-database that includes a very wide range of thematic geospatial layers.

2. Water Quality Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with very advanced instruments that especially suit the Sudan environment and needs. Moreover, the lab covers a wide range of tests and offers services for testing physical, chemical and biological properties of water.

3 Survey Equipment:  


Field data measurements are crucial for the proper planning, design and management of water resources projects. Kima has acquired modern Hydrographic and Land Survey equipment such as Total Station, Levels, GPS Sounder, ADPC, Engine-boat and other survey accessories.

The field survey team is well trained and very experienced in conducting survey works efficiently and on time,