On 28-12-2016, a meeting was held at UNESCO-CWR premise to elaborate on the Concept Note (brief proposal) for the Integrated Water Resources Management Network,
Sudan (IWRM-Net-SD). The meeting was attended by representatives from various related institutions to discuss the presented issues as shown below:

• Introducing note about this meeting.
• Presentation of Concept Note for IWRM Net – SD.
• Attendees Comments and Discussion.

Brief IWRM-SD Network proposal was presented by Dr. Ahmed Khalid. The presentation included the IWRM-Net-SD objectives which incorporated the followings:

 Involvement of stakeholders
 Enhancement of capacity through research, exchange of experiences and lessons learned.
 Avail and access of data, information &knowledge – repository,
 Enhance dissemination of information and knowledge.

The presentation also reviewed the Network proposed activities such as:-
 Lessons learned and experience exchange among the network’s members
 Utilize these exchanges toward joint multi-sector researches
 Utilize these researches and members’ knowhow to build capacity of a wider water resources’ stakeholders; &
 Repository and dissemination–(Library & doc center)