National Workshop on Overcoming Water Related Data Barriers Towards Sustainable Development

National Workshop on Overcoming Water Related Data Barriers Towards Sustainable Development

Date: 21st October, 2018

Venue: Global Conference Center
University of Medical Science and Technology


With the technological advancements, the availability of data has been increased
exponentially during the last couple of decades particularly as related to natural resources
management; research and planning for implementation of water related
projects some of which include climate related issues. As an inevitable result good
research quality based on good information contain good data. Data is defined
simply as facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.
Many water related sectors and research centres in Sudan face challenges regarding
data issues starting from collection, storage, quality, place of storing, data
stewarding, way of interpretation, data sharing ending with data and information
dissemination. Lack of infrastructure, improper monitoring systems and absence of
data policy and data governance, all contribute to these challenges.

Workshop Objectives:
The broad objectives of the workshop are:-
To establish a platform for bringing together data providers, data beneficiaries
and data managers to address the related water data challenges and to investigate
possible opportunities of potential synergy of the different water related
sectors in data sharing and stewarding.
To develop a road map/national policy framework for enhancing and scaling
the integration of water data and information to support sustainable water

Workshop Themes:
The workshop is planning to pursue the following themes:
Water related database and information systems, accessibility, sharing, management
and dissemination challenges and how they reflect on research and
science based decision making,
Data Alliance (best practices show cases),
National policy framework/roadmap and repositories to manage risks and for
scaling the integration of water data and information

Workshop outcomes:
1. Raise awareness and Improve knowledge in addressing data barriers
and challenges.
2. Promote the concept of data solidarity among institutes and between different
3. Enhance data management and sharing policy among water related sectors
4. Foster a national policy framework/roadmap to overcome data Barriers and to
address challenges.
5. Establish a coordination Mechanism for hydro data solidarity representing different
perspectives; data providers, data beneficiaries, and data managers

Partners involved:

The workshop is conducted by UNESCO Chair in Water Resources through IWRMNet-
SD in collaboration with the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity,
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ministry of Media,
Communications and Information Technology and with support from UNESCO
Khartoum Office, UNICEF and UN Environment

Participants from different water related sectors and information centres are invited
including ministries, public Institutions, private sectors, research centres, universities,
related National Council Committees, Governmental and non-governmental
organizations .